Are you a match for Jaguar?

Are you the perfect match? Jaguar Therapeutics Franchise is looking for franchisees who are passionate about the health of everybody from athletes to the elderly. At the end of the day, this business involves a person’s greatest asset: their health. As potential member of the Jaguar team, it is very important to us that we find franchisees that have a strong passion for the field of health while also meeting our franchise qualifications.

Why Franchise with Jaguar

Jaguar Therapeutics is the ONLY multidisciplinary health clinic offering Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, and Physiological Testing with Franchising opportunities.

We have structured our health clinics to give both licensed and non-licensed health professionals the opportunity to OWN and OPPERATE a Jaguar Therapeutics Clinic.

You like helping people

There’s no guesswork

You want to be part of something amazing!

Why Franchise?

If you’ve ever wanted to your own business, franchising might be the ideal opportunity to realize that dream.  Buy into a tried and true business model. 

You want to work for yourself

Hard work doesn’t scare you

You also like rising profit margins

Initial Roadmap

Initial Contact

The first step is for you to make initial contact with the Jaguar Team. You can fill out a “GET STARTED” form (on right) to have someone from Jaguar contact you. Upon making contact, we will arrange to schedule a preliminary phone conversation where we will discuss the franchising process in greater detail, provide you with further information, and answer any questions that you may have about the Jaguar Therapeutics program.


At the end of our detailed initial conversation, you will be provided with a Jaguar Therapeutics Franchise Application to be thoroughly completed. Upon completion your application will be submitted to our board members for review and pre-approval. Factors such as your location interest, total investment amount, experience, etc. will be looked at to see if franchising with Jaguar will be a good fit.

Discovery Day

After having your Franchise Application pre-approved the next step in the process is to arrange a visit to our Miami, Florida Headquarters for a Discovery Day. During your Discovery Day you will be able to get a firsthand look at our various Jaguar Therapeutics located in the South Florida area, meet our franchise and administrative members that make up the Jaguar team and understand some of the ins and outs of owning and operating a Jaguar Therapeutics. You will walk away from your time here in Miami with a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document as well as all of the knowledge and material needed to make your franchise decision.

Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD)

Upon receiving a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document you will be asked to sign the two Receipt pages of the document. One of the pages will be retained for our records and the second page will be yours to keep. This receipt page shows that you have been disclosed and the fourteen day waiting period to sign the franchise agreement and become a franchisee has begun.

Franchise Agreement Review

Upon receiving the FDD you will be asked to review the document in detail. Working with a legal council to review the document is recommended. Once you have decided that you would like to franchise with Jaguar and are in agreement with the FDD, the signing of the agreement will be arranged.

Site Selection

The actual site location of your Jaguar Franchise is extremely important. You may already know of the area or desired location for your clinic which an be reviewed with the Jaguar Real Estate team. You will also have the opportunity to contract with us to utilize BUXTON ANALYTICS which Jaguar has contracted with to assist in finding the perfect and potentially most successful location for your Jaguar Clinic. Click here “Buxton” to see in more detail all of the unbelievable options within this program.

Your Franchise Launches!

After the signing of the Jaguar Therapeutics Franchise Agreement, you will officially become a Jaguar Franchisee. From that point on, our team members will be getting to work to find you the perfect site location and start the process of working towards the development of your Jaguar Therapeutics Clinic!

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    Site Selection

    Jaguar’s Site Selection Solution provides the in-depth customer insights you need to make confident, accurate real estate decisions. Our insights allow you to identify home run locations in each market to maximize ROI and avoid underperforming locations. Using the Site Selection Solution, you can run a sales forecast for any potential site.

    Forecast revenue for any potential location

    Only open new locations where there are large concentrations of your core customers. Forecast the revenue potential of a new site before stepping foot into the market so you avoid opening expensive mistakes.

    Move into urban or rural markets

    Jaguar’s site selection methods take into account differences in store performance by population density. We identify the factors that drive successful sales in different types of trade areas from urban, to suburban to rural.

    Understand your U.S. potential

    If you were to expand your concept across the entire U.S., what is the optimal number of locations you should open? Identify which markets you should prioritize first.

    Infill existing markets

    Determine how many new locations you can open in a market without cannibalizing sales at the stores you already have in operation.

    What will it do for you

    Accelerate speed-to-market

    Start with the national view of your potential and then narrow your focus to the most promising metro areas and trade areas.

    Prioritize markets

    Know which metro areas to focus on next by viewing potential on a market-by-market basis.

    Determine the correlation between high traffic and high rent areas

    View potential locations not just by traffic flow, but also by where there are high concentrations of customers and potential customers

    Quantify growth potential

    If you were to expand your concept across the entire U.S., what is the optimal number of locations you should open? Identify which markets you should prioritize first.

    Identify stores for relocation

    When stores are categorized as low forecast and low sales performance, these are the locations your team should evaluate further for relocation or closure.

    Understand who your best customer is

    Even in the densest metropolitan environments. Buxton has identified, mapped, and researched over 1,100 of the most densely populated urban areas in the U.S. This data, as well as public transportation and other key elements of urban living, are used to identify which neighborhoods will be most responsive to new store locations.

    Identify how far your best customer is willing to travel

    Whether that be in miles or city blocks. The number of people within an “x-minute” drive-time radius has historically been one of the leading determinants of where retailers choose to locate in suburban markets. Buxton weighs other criteria, such as traffic patterns, proximity to other businesses and the locations of subway stations and bus stops, which will better serve in defining the best locations for your particular concept.

    Replicate your successful stores

    By analyzing the stores that have a high revenue forecast and high performance, your real estate team’s goal should be to find more locations just like these, and operations should replicate the best practices of these stores at other locations.

    Study stores with a high revenue forecast, but low performance

    You have stores that continue to underperform their potential, but why? They are in the right trade area, but may require further investment to reach their potential. Remodeling, operational changes, localized marketing and improved merchandising mixes are options to evaluate.

    Find your hot spots

    Know where your best potential trade areas are, and the hot spots within those trade areas, so you can efficiently deploy the real estate team in search of available real estate.

    Develop a roadmap to maximize potential

    This analysis allows your team to cut through the clutter by separating each of your locations into one of four categories: Study, Grow, Reposition/Relocate, and Optimize.