With a variety

of techniques depending on the cause of injury and symptoms, Jaguar is able to treat injuries and pathologies to the head and neck. Cervical traction, soft tissue mobilization, active release, and postural training provide sensitive and comprehensive treatment for these areas.

Concussion Recovery

Concussion management will typically include the reintroduction of physical activity for patients with complaints of dizziness, balance deficits, and motion sensitivity. No two patients with concussions are exactly alike, that’s why it is important for a Physical Therapist to ascertain deficits and develop a specific vestibular treatment plan that addresses individual needs. As concussion symptoms improve, a physical therapist will help you resume activity gradually to avoid over stressing the central nervous system.

Neck pain

Neck pain is a condition that many people will experience in their lifetimes. Three main causes of neck pain include degenerative changes (wearing down of structures over time), trauma (whiplash or other sudden injury), and improper postural habits. It is important to address the underlying cause of neck pain and receive proper treatment to prevent recurrence.

Physical therapy is indicated to reduce pain and inflammation associated with the condition, as well as to create balance and stability through stretching and strengthening of the neck, upper back and upper extremity musculature. Additionally, education and lifestyle modifications are important to consider in order to maximize patient function and minimize further risk of injury.