Laurie Najera

Administrative Assistant

Downtown Miami, Weston


As an Administrative Assistant for Jaguar Therapeutics Downtown, Laurie Najera serves as vital intermediary between patients and staff, ensuring clear communication and reliable service for our clients. As a native Floridian with a passion for healthcare, Laurie brings an enthusiastic and analytic approach to developing professional relationship with clients. Her fluency in Spanish has expanded and aided clientele experience, creating an inclusive fitness environment for the Jaguar community. While continuing to gain professional experience in the healthcare industry, Laurie is pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy, with a minor in Dance at Miami Dade College.



Laurie gained professional administrative experience working with an Information Technology and Human Resources company from 2009 to present, in addition to various professional experience in the customer service field.


After graduating high school, Laurie developed a deeper understanding of her body in the context of being a dancer, and the equally important task of how to care for it, leading to her interest in Physical Therapy. Laurie is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, with a minor in Dance from Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida (2009-present).

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