At Jaguar

Therapeutics Fitness we utilize a combination of free weights, ground based equipment, and selected exercise machines to provide a means for our various sport performance training programs.

Comprehensive evaluation and assessment protocols allow the staff to effectively classify each athlete’s training experience and preparedness level. The staff is then able to truly individualize each client’s training program..

Strength and Conditioning

The field of strength and conditioning has developed into one of the most vital components in any athletic performance program. The Jaguar Therapeutics Fitness staff utilizes a state-of-the-art facility combined with scientifically based and safety driven programs. Our philosophy is to assess the needs of the individual as well as the needs of the sport in order to more efficiently and effectively train our athletes. Following a needs assessment, the foundation of our training protocols follow the guidelines of Progressive Overload, the SAID principle, High/Low Sequencing and Biological Energy Systems Training. Utilizing these principles allows our staff to improve power, strength, speed, specific endurance and flexibility/mobility in the most effective manner.

Sports Medicine

In addition to our training protocols, we work in conjunction with the sports medicine staff to provide a thorough assessment for biomechanical deficiencies, muscular imbalances and structural impairments. This allows us to take a comprehensive approach to ensure that all of our athletes increase athletic performance and decrease the likelihood of injury. Whether you are looking to increase speed and power, or training for your next endurance event, Jaguar Therapeutics Fitness staff can provide you with a complete training protocol to help improve your performance.