Featured Testimonial

Jaguar has pretty much helped me recover for all my marathons and after running a couple miles, all these injuries you come across, Jaguar’s helped me get back on my feet and kept me running.

I couldn’t imagine having an overall health plan without the pre-hab routine plan that Jaguar Therapeutics has put together for me. It’s been great.

My goal is fifty marathons in fifty states and I’ve cut an hour off of my time since I’ve been coming to Jaguar.

After a couple weeks I was able to do a full circle.

I cannot recommend Chris and his team highly enough. After injuring my back from excessive lifting they got me back to normal in record time. What should have taken months they did in a matter of weeks. These guys are true professionals. If you take your training seriously then you will need these guys.

Jaguar has very knowledgable but also super friendly staff that always seems to help me with anything I need. My training is super intense and Chris and his staff have me the best recovery/preventative treatment out there! In addition they taught me how to look after myself when I’m not there! They have everything that you need to become healthy again or to stay on top of your game!

The team at Jaguar Therapeutics have put me at the top of my Olympic sailing career. Whether recovering from surgery or just daily workouts, I feel confident putting my health and fitness in their care.

Chris’ program is head and shoulders above any other Rehab/training that I’ve ever done. He designs his programs solely with me in mind, ensuring that I can reach my long and short term goals. In the time that I’ve been involved with the program I couldn’t be more impressed. The interactive and athlete based approach is productive and motivating.

Working with the team at Jaguar was instrumental in getting me back on my feet—literally!—after I sustained severe ligament and bone damage to my foot in a sailing accident. They patiently explained and implemented the rehab plan, something I certainly can’t claim to have been. We worked not just on rehabbing my injury, but also on maintaining my overall fitness as best as possible while I was confined to a boot and crutches. Every day, they kept me moving forward and making strides towards getting back into the boat.

The Jaguar  team significantly raised my game and kept me healthy over the four years I worked with them leading up to the 2012 Olympics. I came to them at 150 pounds. I always thought it was impossible for me to put real muscle on. I made it to 162 pounds, and I am so much stronger. I would not have been nearly as prepared to sail my best throughout the 9-day long Olympic Games without the training and rehab I was put through by Jaguar Therapeutics.

Jaguar has helped me reach my performance goals and stay healthy at the same time. My strength, endurance, and flexibility has become significantly better as a result of the training while I don’t have the same injuries or aches and pains while training and competing. Chris and his team are great to work with and have helped me in all areas of fitness and body wellness.

As a CrossFit Games athlete, my performance relies solely on how my body is functioning. Since going to jaguar therapeutics since 2013, they’ve helped me stay healthy and functioning above and beyond what I was before. From rehabbing injuries or small tweaks and getting back to competition shape as fast as possible, the prehab and keeping me moving well and feeling good when I had no major issues. I have always been treated with hands on therapy or utilizing one of their state of the art recovery pieces like the alter G treadmill or compression sleeves. Usually both. Aside from the physical, they’ve got a very friendly and personable staff. I Recommend this place to anyone with a body.

From the Professionals

Jaguar has helped me establish a platform to showcase my company’s services and how we can help any range of client from post rehab to sport specific athletes. They are able to help my clients with everyday sprains and when they need a real tune up because of an injury.

Jaguar has been my go to Physical Therapy company for over 6 years (since its inception). They have helped me with a variety of sports injuries including painful knees, lower back pain, AC joint sprain, and most recently left shoulder impingement. Beyond helping me personally, Jaguar has helped dozens of my own personal training clients recover from minor injury setbacks. They are the first choice for my clients who are in need of physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Jaguar has always been my number one and only choice when I need to refer an injured client to a therapy facility in the Grove. Jaguar is equipped with the latest machines and savvy personnel that are trained to help you reach ultimate recovery in no time. The staff is very friendly and always professional.

Jaguar Therapeutics has been both a place for extremely professional physical therapy and a great source of emotional support during a very difficult time. When I tore my labrum and herniated two discs in my back from a fall, the therapists at Jaguar gave me thorough treatment on a consistent basis and have helped me get closer to regaining my quality of life. From the traction machine to the manual therapy, their techniques and best practices have truly helped me with my recovery and I am grateful for such great service. I feel like family when I walk in the door and would recommend Jaguar to all of my family and friends. There are places in my insurance network that are closer to my home and NONE of them match my experience at Jaguar. I gladly drive out of my way to be a part of JT.

Triathletes by nature are overachievers that push their limits in virtually every aspect of their life. As a triathlon coach and athlete myself, one of the hardest jobs I have is to make sure they walk that razors edge between the right volume, intensity, and frequency vs overtraining. Inevitably injury will occur in some. When it does the only place I send my athletes is to Jaguar Therapeutics. Their staff is the most knowledgeable around in treating sports related injuries with the latest technology, techniques, and care which allows them to get back to what they love as quickly as possible. Jaguar also provides outstanding recovery services to make sure my athletes are always performing their best.