Trey Watson

Coconut Grove


As Director of Sports Science at Jaguar Therapeutics, Trey Watson develops and executes a variety of innovative and strategic fitness programs. Trey implemented and modified population specific VO2max tests, leading to his current involvement administering the tests and applying results to individually design endurance programs for athletes and goal driven fitness enthusiasts. Trey continues to consult and develop sport specific cardiovascular and strength programs, instructs Olympic style lifts, and employ corporate fitness strategies.


For the past two years, Trey has also worked in the capacity of Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach for the US sailing team. He has conducted physical fitness analyses, testing of athletes’ cardiovascular, strength and flexibility measurements; and created specific strength and conditioning programs to improve or maintain these areas of athletic performance. Trey believes his sole purpose as Head Strength and Conditioning coach is to continue working with the athletes and their respective coaches in order to put the best performers the US can offer on the water.



Trey has worked with, designed, and helped facilitate athletic performance programs for athletes at varying levels of competition, including high school, Collegiate (Division 1 to Division III athletes), professional, and national teams.  His experience covers a wide spectrum of sports, including basketball, baseball, football, track & field, men and women’s tennis, women’s volleyball, and sailing at the international level.  He currently assists in instructing the Olympic lifts and sports performance programming at the University of Miami’s Masters of Strength and Conditioning program.


Trey’s intelligent training programs highlight his ability to create unique, sport specific training strategies.  Every program he designs has been tailor-made to the energy demands of that specific sport, and then further adjusted to the individual needs of each athlete.  Though this process takes much longer than creating cookie cutter programs applicable to everyone, Trey believes in efficient training that maximizes results and ultimately aids the athlete when competing in his or her respective sport.



Trey earned his M.S.Ed in Exercise Physiology, with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Miami; one of the only graduate strength and conditioning programs officially recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Education Recognition Program. Trey is currently pursuing his Ph.D in Exercise Physiology at the University of Miami, where he helps teach undergraduate and graduate students in the application of exercise science and strength and conditioning.