What is VO2 Testing?

VO2 Testing is a series of tests that allow a person or athlete to obtain an objective analysis on their ability to perform and sustain exercise. In other words how efficient is their heart in taking in oxygen, distributing it to muscles and organs while expelling the negative by products. This score is the best indicator of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance.

How is VO2 Max Measured

VO2 Max is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption that the body can attain while the body is experiencing the most exercise possible. The person will breathe into an oxygen consumption analyzer while doing maximum exercise (different protocols include: treadmill, bike, and rowing machines). These protocols all require specific adjustments and increase in speed, incline, and intensity. During this exercise, a mask is worn to collect all the inhaled and expired air which is analyzed to determine concentration of oxygen. This then determines how much oxygen is used during the exercise test.

Analysis of VO2 Test

The oxygen consumption during exercise should rise in a linear relationship with exercise intensity… to a certain extent. Physiological marked (AeT, AT) are detected throughout the test while oxygen is being measured giving specific information on how the body is handling the specific exercise protocol. Based on scientific formulas and statistical standards the testers scores is analyzed, graded, and put into exercise categories (below average, average, above average, athlete).

Why Test VO2 Max

Many bodies are inefficient at exercise and processing oxygen during exercise. This affects the heart and lung’s ability to stay healthy. Many people do not have an understanding of what specific intensity, duration, and heart rate to exercise and train at. A VO2 test can give baseline measurements and set guidelines on what intensity and duration exercise should be done at. The test also determines the number of calories burned during each level and intensity of exercise.

This valuable tool is essential to prescribing exact exercise and training programs to maximize results in efficient time.

What is RMR Testing

RMR (resting metabolic rate) is simply: the conversion of food to energy! The easiest way to think about this is how many calories does your body burn just by being awake during the day (aka METABOLISM). this measure is the combination of the bodies functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and maintenance of body heat during a sedentary day. This test will give a person the exact number of calories they burn daily at rest.

With this test a person can:

  • Stabilize weight loss
  • Pinpoint caloric weight loss zone
  • Detection and diagnosis of hypo-metobolism
  • Assess the effect of weight loss treatment on metabolism
  • Develop a daily caloric expenditure to reach goals (gain or loss weight)
  • Develop a proper nutritional breakdown (carbs, fats, portent) to reach goals.