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At Jaguar Therapeutics Fitness we utilize a combination of treadmills, arc trainers, spin bikes, fitness bikes, free weights, ground based equipment, and selected exercise machines to provide a means for our various training programs.

Comprehensive evaluation and assessment protocols allow the staff to effectively classify each client’s fitness level. The staff is then able to truly individualize each client’s training program.

5 Categories of Fitness

General fitness is a cornerstone to leading a healthy and productive life. Fitness can be separated into 5 categories: Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Fitness, Body Composition and Flexibility. Science has shown that regular regimented activity can cause increases in quality of life, improved body composition and energy levels as well as decrease stress, decrease health risk factors of chronic disease, and even improve quality of sleep. While many people know that exercise is good for you, many people lack the knowledge to do so in a safe and efficient manner. The Jaguar Therapeutics Fitness staff has years of experience helping people attain their goals regardless of age, fitness level or previous experience.

Comprehensive Approach

If your goal is to lose weight, increase muscular tone, or just lead a healthy lifestyle; the Jaguar Therapeutics Fitness staff will create a program that fits your individual needs and goals. In conjunction with the sports medicine staff, we will also provide a thorough assessment for biomechanical deficiencies, muscular imbalances and structural impairments. This allows us to take a comprehensive approach to ensure that all of our clients attain their goals with an increased rate of success and a reduced risk of injury.